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Cartridge replacement is now easier for screen changers

Sun, Nov 04, 2018

BKG NorCon EH-U The slide plate screen changers in this Nordson series come with a wide range of bore sizes, screen diameters, heater requirements and unit weights, and offer a range of throughputs. Models are available to meet special processing needs, such as applications involving multilayer thin film and sheet extrusion. The screen changers come standard with a detachable control that permits remote operation. Different breaker-plate configurations, including a version for coextrusion, are available.

What’s new? A redesign announced at NPE2018. The changes facilitate easier removal and replacement of heater cartridges. In addition, the wiring now is confined to a single junction box, and Nordson has employed stainless-steel metal covers, which are easy to lift, in the design of the screen changers.

Benefits Reduced lead times, greater versatility and improved ease of use.

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