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Dry cleaning system now available in U.S.

Sun, Nov 04, 2018

Dry cleaning The MR series of dry cleaning systems from Pla.to GmbH is used to remove contaminants from a variety of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics in flake form, including PET and HDPE containers, film and mixed plastics. The machines have a high-speed, rotating shaft with angled paddles, mounted inside a screen basket. The intensive motion of the paddles removes dirt, food residue and dust, and reduces paper labels to individual fibers. The waste is spun off the flakes and passes out through the screen. Shown is an MR200-140.

What’s new? U.S. availability through distributor eFactor3.

Benefits Efficiency. Dry cleaning eliminates the costs associated with wet cleaning methods, such as water treatment, water heating and chemicals. Waste from the process is dry, reducing the waste by 50 to 80 percent by weight, compared to wet washing systems. Also, the waste can be used as fuel in waste-to-energy facilities.

eFactor3 LLC, Pineville, N.C., 704-944-3232, www.efactor3.com