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Kason screener/separator has optimized feeding based on the material

Issue: October 2018

MOB-DD-SS Kason Corp.’s newest model of its Centri-Sifter line of screeners and separators can deal with a wide range of materials, including plastic resins. The machine’s feed screw forces the resin into a cylindrical sifting chamber, where helical paddles break up soft agglomerates while pushing material through the screen. The paddles also propel oversized particles through a secondary outlet for disposal or reprocessing. Options include explosion-proof electrical systems.

What’s new? This MOB-DD-SS, which has independent speed controls for the feed screw and paddles.

Benefits Optimized feeding. The feed screw and paddle speeds can be set at the control panel or entered remotely to tailor throughput for the characteristics of the material.

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