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Latest Frigel TCUs save energy and are more accurate

Issue: June 2018

Turbogel Frigel has upgraded its Turbogel line of high-pressure, high-flow temperature control units (TCUs), which are suitable for a wide variety of plastics processing applications. The water TCUs have user-friendly, microprocessor-based controls and standard motorized servo-modulating valves that eliminate sharp temperature peaks and valleys. Turbogel units come in single-zone and dual-zone configurations and have heaters that deliver up to 50-kilowatt heating capacity in single-zone configurations. Different sizes of standard and custom pumps are available. The TCUs can be customized with inlet cooling water strainers, visual alarms and mold-draining kits.

What’s new? Optional variable frequency drives (VFDs) and digital flow meters. The digital flow meters give a readout of the precise flow required for each mold. Frigel introduced the new features at NPE2018.

Benefits Efficiency. By using a VFD, the unit’s pumps now deliver only the water pressure and flow needed for peak operating efficiency, saving energy. The digital flow meter provides highly accurate flow data to ensure the best possible mold performance based on the unique characteristics of the tool.

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