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Mini dryers are ideal for micro-molding, clean-room uses

Issue: December 2018

CMD Designed for small-scale molding and extrusion, including micro-molding and clean-room applications, these Comet mini dryers come in four models with hopper sizes from 30 liters to 100 liters. The dryers use gear-driven honeycomb wheels (molecular sieves) to provide precision drying. The compact units come with an attached insulated drying hopper and can be mounted directly on the machine throat. They do not require compressed air or water and provide process air temperatures up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s new? Numerous features. An energy-saving function allows users to select different settings based on the moisture content of the resin. The dryers also have a new heat exchanger and an air-modulation system that adjusts airflow for material type and required throughput. The RCE function automatically cuts power to the process heater to prevent overheating.

Benefits Dust-free, energy-efficient drying. CMD dryers also protect material quality by continuously controlling airflow and dew point.

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