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New blender boasts high-speed choppers

Sat, Nov 10, 2018

HD-510-MS Munson’s latest paddle blender has four high-speed choppers to break up lumps and disperse dry bulk solids, pastes, slurries and emulsions containing agglomerates. It handles free- and non-free-flowing materials that are dry, moist or oily in batches up to 200 cubic feet. The HD-510-MS can be used for custom compounding applications, as well as other applications within the plastics industry. The heavy-duty machine has a U-shaped vessel made of heavy-gauge carbon steel. Its paddles project radially from the main shaft, which is flange-mounted for easy maintenance.

What’s new? The blender.

Benefits Thorough blending. A high-strength agitator with paddle blades pushes the material into the choppers, which add shear and intensify the blending process. The paddle blades and choppers act together to rapidly break down lumpy or otherwise difficult-to-blend materials into particles that are distributed uniformly throughout the batch.

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