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Novatec system monitors railcar unloading

Issue: October 2018

RailSense Novatec’s new system monitors the condition of the major components in railcar unloading systems, diagnoses problems and recommends corrective actions. RailSense monitors pressure, vibration, vacuum and temperature; checks the condition of filters, oil and bearings; and ascertains the overall operating health of the systems, which are used to transfer resin and other bulk materials into silos. Using a PC, tablet or smartphone, users can view conditions for all monitored components. The system can alert operators via text message when a railcar compartment has been emptied and it is time to shift the unloader to a new compartment.

What’s new? The system, which debuted at NPE2018. It is based on Novatec’s MachineSense technology, which employs machine-wearable sensors to facilitate predictive maintenance. Unlike the original technology, RailSense users receive equipment data in real time.

Benefits Convenience, efficiency and a decrease in unscheduled downtime. With RailSense, the operator of the railcar unloading system can avoid multiple trips between the railcar, the silo pad and the unloader to check fill levels and unloading conditions. The easy-to-use system allows workers to perform maintenance based on actual equipment conditions and alerts users to problems before equipment fails.

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