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Pail dumper keeps dust away

Thu, Nov 01, 2018

Tip-Tite pail dumper Flexicon’s new device dumps pails of high-density bulk solids into processing equipment or storage containers. The dumper, which is constructed of carbon steel and has material-contact surfaces made of stainless steel, can handle pails with capacities up to 5 gallons, heights up to 15 inches and weights up to 750 pounds. It is appropriate for handling pigments, minerals, chemicals and other heavy bulk solids. The dumper has dual hydraulic cylinders that raise the pail, seat its rim against an elongated discharge cone and tip it at a 45-, 60- or 90-degree angle. The discharge cone has a pneumatically actuated slide-gate valve. For non-free-flowing materials, a pneumatically operated vibrator on the discharge cone is available to allow complete emptying.

What’s new? The pail dumper.

Benefits Dust-free materials handling. The discharge cone seals against the inlet of the receiving vessel, for dust-free emptying.

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