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Apex Tools' Campbell-brand eye hoist hooks boast heavy-duty latch

Issue: October 2018

Eye hoist hooks Apex Tool Group has introduced Campbell-brand eye hoist hooks that are designed for rigging and lifting applications and feature a heavy-duty latch and spring assembly. The heavy-gauge, high-strength steel latch has a reinforcing rib to provide rigidity and resistance to bending and has a yellow chromate finish for corrosion resistance. The hooks come in several sizes with working load limit ranges of 0.75 ton to 15 tons and are available in carbon steel or alloy steel. Shown is a 30-ton carbon-steel hook.

What’s new? The hooks, which replace prior Campbell eye hoist hooks and represent a completely new design for the company. Among the new features are two types of forged markings on each hook: a latch code that makes it easy to order a replacement latch, and 45-degree guide markings on both sides. The guide markings help users to safely use two-leg lifting slings by keeping the angle of the legs within safe limits.

Benefits Durability and safety.

Apex Tool Group LLC, Sparks, Md., 410-773-7800, www.apextoolgroup.com