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Keyence 3-D microscope inspects surface roughness

Issue: October 2018

VK-X1000 Keyence’s new 3-D confocal microscope uses a small-beam spot laser to inspect specimens, including plastic parts and mold components, without contact. Mold makers and plastics processors can use it to inspect surfaces, parting lines, warpage, flatness, part wear and other details.

What’s new? A measurement method called focus variation that allows users to inspect surface roughness and finishes over a 50mm area to a resolution that’s within nanometers.

Benefits Fast measurement and ease of use. In addition, the device, which works with reflective, matte and transparent surfaces, can measure a bigger area than previous Keyence microscopes. It collects data on surfaces with inclines or drops of up to 87 degrees; by simply clicking a button, users can capture surface data within just 5 seconds.

Keyence Corp. of America, Itasca, Ill., 888-539-3623, www.keyence.com