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Keyence offers smaller clamp-on flow sensors

Issue: December 2018

FD-X This line of clamp-on micro flow sensors from Keyence can measure any type of liquid, such as water, lubricants, chemicals and adhesives, in a wide variety of applications. For example, the sensors can track the flow of release agents into molds and dies or monitor mold cooling lines. Designed to detect very low flows, from a drop of water to a small spray of a coating, FD-X sensors are compatible with any type of tube or pipe, including plastic, rubber and metal.

What’s new? The flow sensors, and their very small size. Approximately one-tenth the size of a conventional Coriolis flow meter, they can be clamped onto tubes and pipes with diameters ranging from 3mm to 14mm.

Benefits Simplicity. The sensors fit securely around pipes and tubes without impeding the flow of the liquid inside, so they have no impact on the process. Users do not need to modify the pipe or use special tools to install the sensors, which feature an easy-to-use controller. Additionally, their small size allows FD-X series sensors to be used in tight spaces and on multiple tubes or pipes that are close together.

Keyence Corp. of America, Itasca, Ill., 201-930-0100, www.keyence.com