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Measuring system adds noncontact sensor

Issue: January 2019

O-Inspect with DotScan Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s O-Inspect coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which has optical and contact measuring sensors, is now available with an optional, third measuring method.

What’s new? Integration of DotScan. DotScan is a noncontact, chromatic white light sensor available with measuring ranges of 10mm, 3mm and 1mm. New O-Inspect CMMs capable of working with DotScan will begin shipping this month.

Benefits Flexibility. Users can employ any one sensor — or all three sensors — depending on what’s most useful for the workpiece. DotScan can measure flexible or soft plastic parts without deforming them as a contact probe might. It also works well with shiny and translucent parts. Use of an optional rotary table allows fourth-axis part inspection.

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