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Pallet truck hauls heavy loads

Thu, Nov 01, 2018

Combi-PPT Suited for small and medium-sized warehouses, the standard version of Combilift’s new powered pallet truck can lift up to 13,200 pounds; versions with lifting capabilities of as much as about 35,275 pounds are available on request. It features power steering, a dual rear-wheel drive and AC motor technology. A range of optional fork sizes and configurations is available.

What’s new? The pallet truck, which can handle heavier loads than Combilift’s other pedestrian trucks and features a unique, multi-position tiller arm. The patented tiller arm enables the operator to stand to the side of the truck, rather than behind it.

Benefits Greater operator safety. Operators have better visibility of even very heavy or bulky loads. Additionally, the pallet truck is compact enough to maneuver narrow aisles and tight corners.

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